Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe

Every detective has a case that haunts them. For former LAPD Detective Danny Mcguire, that case is the murder of millionaire art dealer Andrew Jakes. When police arrived at the Jakes home, they found the elderly Mr. Jakes savagely murdered and tied to his much younger wife, Angela, who had been brutally raped. With stolen art and jewels, the scene looks like a horrific burglary. Suspicion is placed on the young Mrs. Jakes, who survives the incident and whom Mr. Jakes left his entire fortune. Surprisingly, Angela leaves her entire windfall to a local charity, and disappears from LA. With his number one suspect/witness gone, Danny Mcguire is left to ponder the case with no leads.

Ten years later, Danny Mcguire, newly married, living in France, and working for Interpol, has all but moved on from the Jakes case. He is still haunted by the look in the young wife's eyes, but has accepted that he will never know the truth behind the killing. Then one day he is contacted by Matt Daley. Daley is a struggling script writer who happens to be the estranged son of Andrew Jakes. In an attempt to discover a compelling story, he looks into his father's case and finds that other murders fitting the exact profile of his father's have occurred in various cities around the world. When his relays this information to Danny, the two embark on a fast paced, world wide investigation to uncover the truth behind these murders.

Although the bestselling author, Sidney Sheldon, passed away in 2007, author Tilly Bagshawe continues his tradition of fast paced, intriguing mysteries in a expert manner. This story had as many plot twists as we've grown accustomed to in stories like this, and the ending is sure to leave readers reeling. The beginning of this novel has several time, location and character changes over a short number of pages. While this is vital to the telling of the story, I felt that the jumps could be a bit confusing. Fortunately, I stayed with it, and the last two-thirds of the novel were clearly written and very entertaining. This novel is a solid addition to the mystery genre and a nice continuation of the Sidney Sheldon legacy.

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(week 15, book 16)

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  1. If you're into hard-boiled crime, I just read a fun, light book in which you might be interested. It was one of those impulse buys that worked out well. It's called "A Drop of the Hard Stuff".

    I know I'm also looking for a good recommendation :) I found a pretty great review of it right here:,8599,2070456,00.html

  2. I confess... I've never read Sidney Sheldon. But through some sort of weird madness, I have at least a dozen of his novels sitting on my shelves.

  3. Ethan, nice review. View my blog to c ur blog link. and thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Spoiler Alert !!

      Hi .. just finished reading the book.. but I just wanted to completely understand this .. soooo is it just that Sofia is still mental and Carlos was her last victim ??? So did she trick him into being her lover and kill him so she could be free and marry matt??

      I think it was really just a way to end the book with a final twist and to leave readers guessing. It does appear that Carlos was "used" in some way, to help Sofia to escape. I'm sure she killed him once he was of no use to her.

    3. Spoiler Alert !!

      Ethan ,what do you think?
      The implication of Carlos being used could also mean that it was Sofia who was the actual mastermind behind all the murders and not Frankie.

      Gosh ! I just could not put the book down...!:)

      I think that she could possibly be the mastermind and not even be aware that she did it. I tend to think that the open ended ending was meant to provoke this kind of discussion and second guessing.

    5. I agree. This may be far fetched but I have also thought that perhaps Sophia/Lisa and Carlos killed Matt. The body at the end could actually be Matt. (Carlos' ID being used as a cover) The reasons I came up with this idea are that in prison Carlos became a protector and attached to Sophia, the same way Frankie did. Carlos as well as Frankie was involved in changing Sophia's appearences. Sophia (and Lisa) married rich men (Matt included) who left their families. So it appears that Matt and Lisa are happy but.....Then a body is discovered-Is it really Matt or does the cycle continue? I realized that there are
      gaps in this idea and conditions of the murder are not the same but its just a thought...What do you think?

    6. I absolutely loved ^ your thesis!
      Even,I,for one believe that Lisa possibly killed Matt because of the turn out of events which drove him to the extent of abandoning his pregnant wife.
      It could also be that Matt possibly killed Carlos out of sheer jealousy...but somehow I'd stick to the former!

    7. love ur theory. i was actually wondering what the end could be, but this theory totally opened new doors 4 my imagination

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    1. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoy my reviews.

  5. Guys, did anyone else also think that this book was a little similar to Tell me your dreams (another sidney sheldon novel). Here are my reasons:
    1)The way the book ended, with the open ending, leaving it to the readers to decide
    2)In both cases, the murderer (the girl) suffers from multiple personality this book sophie pretends to be having it in the court
    3)In this book, the murders happened to men who left their wife and children
    whereas, in tell me your dreams, it was because the men tried sleeping with the girl
    4) In both the books, the girl has had a bad childhood, because of which it disturbs her mentally and as a result, she punishes innocent men, who she thinks commited the same crime and ought to be punished...

  6. This is a good read. Why is it carrying the name Sidney Sheldon, when in no way its closer to his style.
    This is the first time I am reading Tilly bagshawe, luckily this happens to be a good thriller.
    The author lacks creativity that is evident, but some how manages to tell a good story.

    1. This seems to be a growing trend in popular fiction. Author's such as James Patterson, Stephen King, John Grisham, are marketed like a reliable brand. Their books can be sold on the reputation of that author. From a business perspective, it makes since for a deceased author's family or estate to continue publishing books under their name.

  7. matt is in danger....... IN Morocco... away from family... alone with sofie...Man be careful :)

  8. There is only one Sidney Sheldon.


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