A Look Ahead (May)

It is hard to believe that May is already here. In the five months since I began the Book A Week Challenge, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, comments, and general interest in this site.

May marks the beginning of an exciting season for book lovers. Most of the publishers have released new catalogs, and the summer is stacking up to be a great season for readers. As the month continues, I look forward to reviewing a variety of novels. This month I will post reviews to some new installments in series mysteries (Jefferson Bass's new Body Farm novel, Jeff Lindsay's latest Dexter book), smaller publisher novels (Eliza Factor's The Mercury Fountain), and a few other surprises. With the reviews, I will also post a few new giveaways.

 My favorite part about blogging is the interaction with different readers. As always, feel free to comment on reviews, enter giveaways, offer book recommendations, or just say hello. You can also stay connected to this blog by following me on Twitter. Simply click the link in the right hand column to follow. I look forward to the many books waiting to be read and to hearing from you. As summer approaches, I wish you all good fortune and happy reading!


(19 books of 52 completed)

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