The Goal

Back in 2011, I was an avid reader who had lost my way with reading. Balancing working and being a full-time student left little time to read for pleasure. One book, Chris Bohjalian's The Night Strangers, took me three months to finish, marking one of only a handful I read that year. Determined to improve my reading habits in the latter half of 2011, I delved into research to find a way to track and hold myself accountable. That's when I discovered Goodreads—a revelation that transformed my reading journey. Goodreads became a haven for connecting with fellow bibliophiles, exploring new books, and, crucially, setting and tracking reading goals. The platform provided a community of like-minded readers, shaping a significant part of my life in the following years.

As my commitment to reading deepened, the idea of starting a blog began to take root. Struggling to stay accountable to my reading resolutions, I resolved to read one book per week in the upcoming year, aiming for a total of 52 books. Thus, A Book A Week was launched on January 1, 2012, to record my progress toward this ambitious reading goal. The intention was to hold myself accountable and inspire others to pick up a book. Little did I anticipate the widespread engagement and interaction my goal would receive over the next decade.

Today, A Book A Week continues to thrive. I've immersed myself in hundreds of books, sharing my thoughts on each. More significantly, the blog has facilitated interactions with numerous readers, authors, and publishers, fostering relationships I deeply value. While the blog's appearance has evolved, the original concept remains intact. Through triumphs of surpassing reading goals and challenges in maintaining them, the annual goal of 52 books remains a constant source of anticipation. Regardless of the number of books one chooses to read, the enriching experience of engaging with literature has become clear to me. I'm grateful for your visit and hope you find value in the reviews shared here.

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