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There is no doubt that you have noticed the lack of reviews on this site in the last month. No, I haven't abandoned my goal of reading a book a week. In fact, I have continued to read new novels and still plan on meeting my year end goal. I have, however, failed to update this blog with current reviews. As some of you may know, I am still a college music student and I plan on graduating in the middle of next month. One of the graduation requirements for all music composition students is to hold a senior recital featuring one hour of original music. As you can imagine, this is no small undertaking. Combining this project with the rest of my course demands has left little time to post current reviews.

Fortunately, I completed my senior recital earlier in the week, and my work load has significantly diminished. Therefore, I am now free to continue posting to this blog. I should have my next review up in the next couple of days. Thanks to all of you for your patience and continued support. As we enter the holiday season, I hope you all have great times and happy reading.


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