Books are listed alphabetically by author's last name.

Abbott, Jeff - The Last Minute
Aciman, Andre - Call Me By Your Name
Andrews, Jesse - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Atwood, Margaret - Hag-Seed
                                 In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination

Bagshawe, Tilly - Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark
                             Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow
Bailey, Catherine - Lucy Loves Sherman
Ballantyne, Lisa - The Guilty One
Bass, Jefferson - The Inquisitor's Key
                           Without Mercy
Beevor, Antony - The Second World War
Benchley, Peter - Jaws
Berla, Kathryn - Going Places
Black, Saul - The Killing Lessons
Blau, Jessica Anya - The Wonder Bread Summer
Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451
Brandman, Michael - Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice
Britton, Andrew - The Operative
Brown, Dan - Inferno
Brown, Janelle - Watch Me Disappear
Brunt, Carol Rifka - Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Cain, Chelsea - The Night Season
Cass, Kiera - The Selection
Catmull, Ed - Creativity, Inc. 
Chaon, Dan - Ill Will
Chevalier, Tracy - New Boy
Christie, Agatha - Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, Katrell - Tiger Heart
Chu, Vincent - Like a Champion
Clark, Marcia - Snap Judgement
Cleave, Paul - A Killer Harvest
                       Trust No One
Cline, Emma - The Girls
Cline, Ernest - Ready Player One
Clinton, Hillary Rodham - What Happened
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet
Collins, Suzanne - Catching Fire
                              The Hunger Games
Comey, James - A Higher Loyalty
Connelly, Michael - The Late Show
Cornwell, Patricia - Chaos
                                Depraved Heart
                                Flesh and Blood
Cott, Jonathan - Dinner With Lenny
Crichton, Michael - Jurassic Park
Crouch, Blake - Dark Matter

Degeneres, Ellen - Seriously...I'm Kidding
Dionne, Karen - The Marsh King's Daughter
Donoghue, Emma - The Wonder
Donovan, James - The Blood of Heroes
Draper, Michael A. - Three Strikes and You're Dead
Dunn, Matthew - Slingshot
Dybek, Nick - When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man

Eisner, Peter - The Pope's Last Crusade
Ellison, J.T. - Lie to Me
Enriquez, Mariana - Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories
Ephron, Hallie - You'll Never Know, Dear

Fenton, Reuven - Stolen Years
Fey, Tina - Bossypants
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
                         The Grownup
Flynn, Vince - American Assassin
Franzen, Jonathan - Purity
Freeman, Castle - Go With Me
French, Nicci - Sunday Silence
French, Tana - Broken Harbor

Gaiman, Neil - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gaines, Chip and Joanna - The Magnolia Story
Galbraith, Robert - The Cuckoo's Calling
                               The Silkworm
Gapper, John - A Fatal Debt
Gardner, Mark Lee - Shot All to Hell
Gibson, William - Neuromancer
Green, John - The Fault in Our Stars
                       Paper Towns
Griffin, H. Terrell - Bitter Legacy
                              Blood Island
                              Collateral Damage
                              Fatal Decree
                              Wyatt's Revenge
Grisham, John - The Racketeer 
Grossman, Paul - The Sleepwalkers
Gross, Andrew - Everything To Lose
                           The One Man
Gyasi, Yaa - Homegoing

Hamer, Kate - The Girl in the Red Coat
Haney, D.R. - Banned For Life
Hargrove, John - Beneath the Surface
Haslett, Adam - Imagine Me Gone
Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train
Hiaasen, Carl - Bad Monkey
Higgins, Peter - Wolfhound Century
Hill, Joe - NOS4A2
                The Fireman
Hooper, Judith - Alice in Bed
Hrbek, Greg - Not on Fire, but Burning

Ide, Joe - IQ
Indrioason, Arnaldur - Operation Napoleon
Isaacson, Walter - Leonardo da Vinci
Isherwood, Christopher - A Single Man
Itzkoff, Dave - Robin
Ivey, Eowyn - The Snow Child

Johnson, Adam - Fortune Smiles
Johnson, Julia Claiborne - Be Frank With Me
Johnson, T. Geronimo - Welcome to Braggsville

Kiernan, Stephan P. - The Baker's Secret
                                   The Curiosity
                                   The Hummingbird
Kincaid, Greg - Noelle
King, Stephen - Cujo
                          Dr. Sleep
                          Mr. Mercedes
Klaussmann, Liza - Tigers in Red Weather
Koryta, Michael - How It Happened
                             The Ridge
Kwan, Kevin - Crazy Rich Asians
Kyle, Chris - American Gun

Lagercrantz, David - The Girl in the Spider's Web
Lee, Harper - Go Set A Watchman
                      To Kill A Mockingbird
Lepucki, Edan - Woman No. 17
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter is Dead
                        Dexter is Delicious
                        Dexter's Final Cut
                        Double Dexter
Lippman, Laura - Sunburn
                             Wilde Lake
Loomis, Jon - Fire Season
Love, Melissa Scrivner - Lola
Lupton, Rosamund - The Quality of Silence

Maguire, Gregory - After Alice
Malmquist, Tom - In Every Moment We Are Still Alive
Mejia, Mindy - Everything You Want Me to Be
Milchman, Jenny - Cover of Snow
Mitchell, David - Cloud Atlas
                          Slade House
Moody, Rick - On Celestial Music
Moore, Alan - Batman: The Killing Joke
Moore, Christopher - Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art
Morgan, Ann - Beside Myself

Nelson, Willie - It's A Long Story: My Life
Nesbo, Jo - Macbeth
                   The Snowman
Novak, B.J. - The Book With No Pictures

Oakley, Tyler - Binge
O'Melveny, Regina - The Book of Madness and Cures
Owen, Mark - No Easy Day

Patterson, James -  Alex Cross, Run
                                Cross Justice
                                Cross Kill
                                Cross My Heart
                                Cross the Line
                                Hope to Die
                                I, Michael Bennett
                                Kill Alex Cross
                                Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
                                Private LA
Perrotta, Tom - Mrs. Fletcher
                         The Abstinence Teacher
Phillips, Gin - Fierce Kingdom
Pulley, D.M. - The Buried Book

Quirk, Matthew - The 500

Rather, Dan - What Unites Us
Ricard, Russell - The Truth About Goodbye
Ripley, Nathan - Find You in the Dark
Robotham, Michael - Bleed for Me
                                  Say You're Sorry
Rodgers, Nile - Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny
Rogan, Charlotte - The Lifeboat
Rollins, James - Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel
Rosenberg, Alex - Autumn in Oxford

Sandberg, Jason - Candy and the Cankersaur
Sandford, John - Bad Blood
                            Dark of the Moon
                            Deep Freeze
                            Escape Clause
                            Heat Lightning
                            Mad River
                            Rough Country
                            Shock Wave
                            Storm Front
Scarberry, Rebecca - Messages From Henry
Schlink, Bernhard - The Reader
Schneiderman, Davis - INK.
Schumer, Amy - The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
Sears, Michael - Black Fridays
Semple, Maria - Today Will Be Different
                           Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Shonkwiler, Eric - Moon Up, Past Full
Slaughter, Karin - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
                              The Good Daughter
                              Last Breath
                              Pretty Girls
Smith, Clayton - Anomaly Flats
Somerville, Patrick - This Bright River
St. Aubyn, Edward - Dunbar
St. James, Simone - The Broken Girls
Steinberg, Hank - Out of Range
Stockett, Kathryn - The Help
sturges, p.g. - Angel's Gate
Sullivan, Mark - Rogue
Swanson, Peter - All the Beautiful Lies

Talty, Stephan - Black Irish
Thoft, Ingrid - Loyalty
Todd, Charles - A Bitter Truth: A Bess Crawford Mystery
Toro, Guillermo del - The Night Eternal
Toyne, Simon - The Key
                          The Tower
Tremblay, Paul - A Head Full of Ghosts
                           The Cabin at the End of the World
Tudor, C.J. - The Chalk Man
Tuomainen, Antti - The Healer

Umenhofer, Lance - And the Soft Wind Blows

VanderMeer, Jeff - Annihilation

Wallace, Nicolle - Eighteen Acres
Weir, Andy - Artemis
Whitehead, Colson - The Underground Railroad
Williams, Amanda Kyle - Stranger in the Room
Willson, Daniel H. - Amped
Winslow, Don - The Force
                          The Kings of Cool: A Prequel to Savages
Wolff, Michael - Fire and Fury

Young, Tom - The Renegades

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