Books are listed alphabetically by the author's last name.

Abbott, Jeff - The Last Minute
Aciman, Andre - Call Me By Your Name
Albertalli, Becky - Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Andrews, Jesse - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Arnett, Kristen - With Teeth
Atwood, Margaret - Hag-Seed
                                 In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination

Bagshawe, Tilly - Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark
                             Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow
Bailey, Catherine - Lucy Loves Sherman
Baker, Jo - The Body Lies
Ballantyne, Lisa - The Guilty One
Barnett, S.K. - Safe
Bass, Jefferson - The Inquisitor's Key
                           Without Mercy
Beevor, Antony - The Second World War
Benchley, Peter - Jaws
Berla, Kathryn - Going Places
Black, Saul - The Killing Lessons
Blau, Jessica Anya - The Wonder Bread Summer
Bohjalian, Chris - The Flight Attendant
Boone, Ezekiel - The Mansion
Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451
Brandman, Michael - Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice
Brazier, Eliza Jane - If I Disappear
Britton, Andrew - The Operative
Brown, Dan - Inferno
Brown, Janelle - Watch Me Disappear
Brunt, Carol Rifka - Tell the Wolves I'm Home
Bush, George W. - 41: A Portrait of My Father

Cain, Chelsea - The Night Season
Cass, Kiera - The Selection
Castro, Julian - An Unlikely Journey
Catmull, Ed - Creativity, Inc. 
Chaon, Dan - Ill Will
Chevalier, Tracy - New Boy
Christie, Agatha - Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, Katrell - Tiger Heart
Chu, Vincent - Like a Champion
Clark, Marcia - Snap Judgement
Cleave, Paul - A Killer Harvest
                       Trust No One
Cline, Emma - The Girls
Cline, Ernest - Ready Player One
Clinton, Hillary Rodham - What Happened
Coates, Ta-Nehisi - Between the World and Me
                                The Water Dancer
Cole, Alyssa - When No One is Watching
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet
Colgan, Jenny - Christmas on the Island
Collins, Suzanne - Catching Fire
                              The Hunger Games
Comey, James - A Higher Loyalty
Connelly, Michael - The Late Show
Cornwell, Patricia - Chaos
                                Depraved Heart
                                Flesh and Blood
Cott, Jonathan - Dinner With Lenny
Crichton, Michael - Jurassic Park
Crouch, Blake - Dark Matter
Cullen, Dave - Parkland
Cummins, Jeanine - American Dirt

Degeneres, Ellen - Seriously...I'm Kidding
DiAngelo, Robin - White Fragility
Dionne, Karen - The Marsh King's Daughter
                           The Wicked Sister
Donoghue, Emma - Akin
                                The Wonder
Donovan, James - The Blood of Heroes
Dorn, L.R. - The Anatomy of Desire
Draper, Michael A. - Three Strikes and You're Dead
Duncan, Emmeline - Fresh Brewed Murder
Dunn, Matthew - Slingshot
Dybek, Nick - When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man

Edwards, Gavin - Kindness and Wonder
Eisner, Peter - The Pope's Last Crusade
Ellison, J.T. - Good Girls Lie
                       Lie to Me
Enriquez, Mariana - Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories
Ephron, Hallie - You'll Never Know, Dear

Farrow, Ronan - Catch and Kill
Feeney, Alice - I Know Who You Are
Fenton, Reuven - Stolen Years
Fey, Tina - Bossypants
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
                         The Grownup
Flynn, Vince - American Assassin
Forgrave, Reid - Love, Zac
Franzen, Jonathan - Purity
Freeman, Castle - Go With Me
French, Nicci - Sunday Silence
                         The Day of the Dead
French, Tana - Broken Harbor

Gaige, Amity - Sea Wife
Gaiman, Neil - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gaines, Chip and Joanna - The Magnolia Story
Gaines, Joanna - Magnolia Table, Volume 2
Galbraith, Robert - Career of Evil
                               The Cuckoo's Calling
                               The Silkworm
Gapper, John - A Fatal Debt
Gardner, Mark Lee - Shot All to Hell
Gibson, William - Neuromancer
Gigl, Robin - By Way of Sorrow
Goldin, Megan - The Escape Room
                           The Night Swim
Green, John - The Fault in Our Stars
                       Paper Towns
Greer, Andrew Sean - Less
Griffin, H. Terrell - Bitter Legacy
                              Blood Island
                              Collateral Damage
                              Fatal Decree
                              Wyatt's Revenge
Grisham, John - Skipping Christmas
                          The Racketeer 
Grossman, Paul - The Sleepwalkers
Gross, Andrew - Everything To Lose
                           The One Man
Gyasi, Yaa - Homegoing
                    Transcendent Kingdom

Hamer, Kate - The Girl in the Red Coat
Haney, D.R. - Banned For Life
Hannah, Sophie - Perfect Little Children
Hargrove, John - Beneath the Surface
Hart, Rob - The Warehouse
Haslett, Adam - Imagine Me Gone
Hauty, Chris - Deep State
Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train
Hawkins, Rachel - The Wife Upstairs
Heath, Jack - Hangman
                      Just One Bite
Hendricks, Greer - The Wife Between Us
                               You Are Not Alone
Hendrix, Grady  - The Final Girl Support Group
Herbert, Frank - Dune
Hiaasen, Carl - Bad Monkey
                         Nature Girl
Higgins, Peter - Wolfhound Century
Hilderbrand, Elin - Summer of '69
                               Winter Solstice
                               Winter Storms       
                               Winter Street
                               Winter Stroll
Hill, Joe - NOS4A2
                The Fireman
Hoffman, Alice - Magic Lessons
Hooper, Judith - Alice in Bed
Howard, Catherin Ryan - 56 Days
Hrbek, Greg - Not on Fire, but Burning

Ide, Joe - IQ
Iger, Robert - The Ride of a Lifetime
Indrioason, Arnaldur - Operation Napoleon
Isaacson, Walter - Leonardo da Vinci
Isherwood, Christopher - A Single Man
Itzkoff, Dave - Robin
Ivey, Eowyn - The Snow Child

Jackson, Joshilyn - Mother May I
John, Elton - Me
Johnson, Adam - Fortune Smiles
Johnson, George M. - All Boys Aren't Blue
Johnson, Julia Claiborne - Be Frank With Me
Johnson, T. Geronimo - Welcome to Braggsville
Jones, Stephen Graham - My Heart Is a Chainsaw
                                         The Only Good Indians
Jordan, Leslie - How Y'all Doing?

Kaplan, Mitchell James - Rhapsody
Kent, Minka - The Stillwater Girls
Kiernan, Stephan P. - The Baker's Secret
                                   The Curiosity
                                   The Hummingbird
Kincaid, Greg - Noelle
King, Stephen - Cujo
                          Dr. Sleep
                          Finders Keepers
                          If It Bleeds
                          Mr. Mercedes
                          Pet Sematary
                          The Institute
                          The Outsider
Klaussmann, Liza - Tigers in Red Weather
Koepp, David - Cold Storage
Korelitz, Jean Hanff - The Plot
Koryta, Michael - How It Happened
                             If She Wakes
                             The Ridge
Kwan, Kevin - Crazy Rich Asians
Kyle, Chris - American Gun

Lagercrantz, David - The Girl in the Spider's Web
Laukkanen, Owen - Deception Cove
Lee, Harper - Go Set A Watchman
                      To Kill A Mockingbird
Lepucki, Edan - Woman No. 17
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter is Dead
                        Dexter is Delicious
                        Dexter's Final Cut
                        Double Dexter
                        Fool Me Twice
                        Just Watch Me
Lippman, Laura - Lady in the Lake
                             Wilde Lake
Loomis, Jon - Fire Season
Love, Melissa Scrivner - Lola
Lupton, Rosamund - The Quality of Silence

Macmillan, Gilly - The Nanny
Maguire, Gregory - After Alice
Malmquist, Tom - In Every Moment We Are Still Alive
Mbue, Imbolo - How Beautiful We Were
McCain, John - The Restless Wave
McConaghy, Charlotte - Once There Were Wolves
McQuiston, Casey - One Last Stop
                                 Red, White & Royal Blue
Mejia, Mindy - Everything You Want Me to Be
                         Leave No Trace
                         Strike Me Down
Meltzer, Brad - The Escape Artist
Milchman, Jenny - Cover of Snow
Miller, Madeline - Circe
Mitchell, David - Cloud Atlas
                          Slade House
Molesso, Ashley and Chess Needham - The Gay Agenda
Moody, Rick - On Celestial Music
Moore, Alan - Batman: The Killing Joke
Moore, Christopher - Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art
Moore, Liz - Long Bright River
Moore, Meg Mitchell - Two Truths and a Lie
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia - Velvet Was the Night
Morgan, Ann - Beside Myself
Muir-Harmony, Teasel E - Apollo to the Moon
Mullen, Caitlin - Please See Us

Nelson, Willie - It's A Long Story: My Life
Nesbo, Jo - Macbeth
                   The Snowman
North, Alex - The Shadows
                      The Whisper Man
Novak, B.J. - The Book With No Pictures

Oakley, Tyler - Binge
Obama, Barack - A Promised Land
Obama, Michelle - Becoming
O'Melveny, Regina - The Book of Madness and Cures
Osman, Richard - The Thursday Murder Club
Owen, Mark - No Easy Day

Patterson, James -   Alert
                                Alex Cross, Run
                                Criss Cross
                                Cross Justice
                                Cross Kill
                                Cross My Heart
                                Cross the Line
                                Hope to Die
                                I, Michael Bennett
                                Kill Alex Cross
                                Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
                                Private LA
                                Target: Alex Cross
                                Texas Outlaw
                                Texas Ranger
Perrotta, Tom - Mrs. Fletcher
                         The Abstinence Teacher
Perry, Thomas - The Burglar
Phillips, Gin - Fierce Kingdom
Phillips, Helen - The Need
Pinborough, Sarah - Cross Her Heart
Pulley, D.M. - The Buried Book

Quirk, Matthew - The 500

Rather, Dan - What Unites Us
Ray, Jeremy - The Gatherings
                       The House Plant
Ricard, Russell - The Truth About Goodbye
Ripley, Nathan - Find You in the Dark
                           Your Life Is Mine
R.J., Travis - Magic By Fire: Spark of a Flame
Robotham, Michael - Bleed for Me
                                  Say You're Sorry
Rodgers, Nile - Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny
Rogan, Charlotte - The Lifeboat
Rollins, James - Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel
Rosenberg, Alex - Autumn in Oxford
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Ruskovich, Emily - Idaho

Sager, Riley - Lock Every Door
                      The Last Time I Lied
Sandberg, Jason - Candy and the Cankersaur
Sandford, John - Bad Blood
                            Bloody Genius
                            Dark of the Moon
                            Deep Freeze
                            Escape Clause
                            Heat Lightning
                            Holy Ghost
                            Mad River
                            Ocean Prey
                            Rough Country
                            Rules of Prey
                            Shock Wave
                            Storm Front
Scarberry, Rebecca - Messages From Henry
Schlink, Bernhard - The Reader
Schneiderman, Davis - INK.
Schumer, Amy - The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
Scottoline, Lisa - Someone Knows
Sears, Michael - Black Fridays
Sedooteh, Ramin - Ladies Who Punch
Semple, Maria - Today Will Be Different
                           Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Shonkwiler, Eric - Moon Up, Past Full
Slaughter, Karin - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
                              The Good Daughter
                              Last Breath
                              Pretty Girls
Smith, Clayton - Anomaly Flats
Snow, Richard - Disney's Land
Soileau, Stephanie - Last One Out Shut Off the Lights
Somerville, Patrick - This Bright River
St. Aubyn, Edward - Dunbar
St. James, Simone - The Broken Girls
                                The Sun Down Motel
Steinberg, Hank - Out of Range
Stockett, Kathryn - The Help
sturges, p.g. - Angel's Gate
Sullivan, Mark - Rogue
Swanson, Peter - All the Beautiful Lies
                            Before She Knew Him
                            Eight Perfect Murders

Talty, Stephan - Black Irish
Thoft, Ingrid - Loyalty
Thomas, Angie - The Hate U Give
Thomas, Elisabeth - Catherine House
Todd, Charles - A Bitter Truth: A Bess Crawford Mystery
Toro, Guillermo del - The Night Eternal
Toyne, Simon - The Key
                          The Tower
Tremblay, Paul - A Head Full of Ghosts
                           Survivor Song
                           The Cabin at the End of the World
Tudor, C.J. - The Burning Girls
                     The Chalk Man
                     The Hiding Place
                     The Other People
Tuomainen, Antti - The Healer

Umenhofer, Lance - And the Soft Wind Blows

Vance, J.D. - Hillbilly Elegy
VanderMeer, Jeff - Annihilation
Vernon, P.J. - Bath Haus

Wallace, Nicolle - Eighteen Acres
Ware, Ruth - The Woman in Cabin 10
Waters, Sarah - The Little Stranger
Weiner, Jennifer - Big Summer
Weir, Andy - Artemis
                      Project Hail Mary
Whitehead, Colson - Harlem Shuffle 
                                  The Nickel Boys
                                  The Underground Railroad
Williams, Amanda Kyle - Stranger in the Room
Willson, Daniel H. - Amped
Winslow, Don - The Force
                          The Kings of Cool: A Prequel to Savages
                          The Power of the Dog
Woodward, Bob - Fear: Trump in the White House
Wolff, Michael - Fire and Fury

Young, Tom - The Renegades

Zettel, Sarah - A Mother's Lie

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