Collateral Damage by H. Terrell Griffin

Matt Royal attracts trouble. No matter what he is doing, the retired lawyer always seems to find himself in intriguing and life-threatening situations. In Collateral Damage, the latest installment in author H. Terrell Griffins series, Matt Royal, once again, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and a conspiracy that could date all the way back the Vietnam War.

Longboat Key, Florida is a quiet coastal town that sees little excitement outside of the tourist season. When a young groom is shot while running along the beach, the town is shaken. That same evening, while fishing with his good friend Logan, Matt witnesses strange events on a dinner cruise boat, sailing by them, that leads to two other deaths. When he receives an unexpected contact from an old war buddy, whose son happened to be the young murdered groom, Matt promises to help investigates the murder, and searches for a connection between the shooting and the mysterious murders aboard the cruise.

As in the previous novel, the supporting characters help to keep the plot moving. Matt's best friend, Jock Algren, works for a secretive government agency that gives him practically unlimited resources to assist in the investigation. This James Bond like character, while highly unbelievable, works well within the world of the novel, and allows for an easy way for Matt to have some credibility as an investigator. The love interest, Longboat P.D. Detective J.D. Duncan, is written with a subtle touch, allowing the budding relationship to simmer throughout the novel, without falling into the stereotypes of most thriller love elements.

Griffin's love for the place and people of Florida permeates the novel, providing the fictional world with some much-needed reality. While the plot becomes a bit hard to follow at times, the story resolved nicely. This novel is a fun, escapist type read, that is sure to provide fans of mystery thriller novels with a great time.

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  1. Hi Ethan

    This sounds like the perfect summer book. An escapist mystery thriller with a Florida beachside setting. Just about perfect. Thanks.

    I went to Amazon and marked your review as helpful. I was #2.

    Later, gator

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  9. what a great giveaway! Sounds like my kind of book! Confessed "readaholic" here! hehehe I'll be back every week! Thanks so much!
    Kelly Goss

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  11. Just the type of book I like to read

    marked your review as helpful -

  12. i have get my but in gear i have over 16 book to blog on yea i read a holic and love to brag on books

  13. kelly goss
    i've completed the steps to enter the giveaway. THANKS!!!

  14. kelly goss
    I've completed the steps to enter the giveaway. THANKS!!!!

  15. kelly goss
    i've completed all the steps for the giveaway. THANKS!!!
    Am i doing it right? Do I enter every day, or is one a week good?

    1. Just one entry per person please. It makes it easier for me to keep track of everyone that way. Thanks for entering!

  16. Congratulations to Shar and Vesper! They will each receive a copy of Collateral Damage by H. Terrell Griffin. Thanks to the publisher for making this giveaway available, and thanks to all who entered. Be sure to check this site for future giveaway opportunities.


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