Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow by Tilly Bagshawe

For years, Tracy Whitney and Jeff Stevens were an unstoppable con team. Together, they pulled off impossible heists against rich, greedy, and corrupt people, and earned enough money to afford them comforts for the rest of their lives. But the illustrious couple gave up the excitement of their criminal lifestyle to opt for something more normal...marriage.

In the time following the wedding, their lives seem to be going great. Jeff gets a job curating an exhibition at the British Museum, putting his passion for antiquities and sharp mind to good use. Meanwhile, Tracy makes plans to fill her time by having a baby. Jeff excels at his new career, but Tracy struggles to conceive. This causes her to long for the thrill of her con days. Naturally, this begins to eat away at the couple's indestructible relationship. When accusations of infidelity are brought to light, the relationship reaches a breaking point, and Tracy leaves Jeff.

Ten years later, the two are leading separate lives. Jeff, who is back in the con game, still thinks of Tracy everyday. More than anything, he just wants to know that she is alive a doing well. Tracy has retreated to a quiet life in Colorado, and has completely given up a life of crime. She knows that Jeff is a good man, but she can't let him back into her life. She is shocked when a French Interpol officer contacts her at home. She did a thorough job of erasing her past, but it seems that it may finally be catching up with her. The officer informs her that he has connected a series of ruthless murders to heists in cities that Tracy was active in. Tracy is disturbed at the thought that someone could be framing her for these crimes and worse, that the person doing this could be Jeff!

Again, Tilly Bagshawe publishes a novel under the late Sidney Sheldon's name. This is a sequel to Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes. I didn't read the book by Sheldon, so I can't speak to Bagshawe's continuation. That being said, the fast pace, relatable characters, and intriguing twists make this a quick and enjoyable read that works just as well as a standalone novel. I was surprised at how much I sympathized with Tracy and Jeff. The family drama that they deal with helps the reader realize that despite being criminals, they are everyday people with everyday problems.  These traditional human elements mix with the thriller aspects to create a fun, exciting novel that completely does justice to the legacy of Sidney Sheldon.

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