Dexter's Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan likes his privacy. He shares his life with his wife and three children, but they only know Dexter the father and husband. His colleagues at the Miami Police Department know him as the quiet blood splatter analyst who brings donuts. This job affords Dexter the privacy he seeks and allows him to feed the secret side of his life. A side only his sister Deborah, who happens to be a homicide detective at the department, knows about. Dexter is a murderer. Years ago, when Dexter's father realized that his son possessed this "Dark Passenger", he devised a code for Dexter to live by. By following Harry's code, Dexter has been able to satisfy his need to kill while maintaining his anonymity.

But now Dexter's privacy has come under attack. A Hollywood studio has invaded Miami to shoot the pilot for a new police procedural series. In an effort to cooperate with the studio and hopefully draw future business, the city has tasked the Miami police department with assisting the production in any way possible. Unfortunately for Dexter, this means working under the watchful eye of Robert Chase, an actor who will portray a forensic analyst in the show. Chase shadows Dexter's every move, seeking to learn what makes the seemingly average man tick. Of course, Dexter is anything but average. The presence of Chase hinders his ability to focus on his extracurricular activities and gets in the way of his work. With one of the most horrific crimes the department has ever seen, Dexter must overcome the distraction of Hollywood to solve the local mystery. 

The Dexter novels have never lived up to the acclaim and stature of the television series that they inspired. The books have always been quick, easy, and enjoyable reads, but they've never captured the kind of groundbreaking character study or edge of your seat mystery that the show was able to achieve. Still, I've been fascinated with the story of this unlikely protagonist. Despite his shortcomings, he is a serial killer after all, Dexter Morgan is one of the most entertaining and affable characters I've ever read. Author Jeff Lindsay writes the character with a sarcastic wit that is devilishly delightful. Despite my better judgement, I can't help but root for the guy. 

Unfortunately Dexter's Final Cut, the seventh and penultimate novel in the series, falls short of an already low bar. The usual elements are all there. The mystery is as solid as any of the previous ones have been. The crimes themselves are described with horrifying detail that leaves a knot in your stomach. The supporting cast are all up to their usual antics, leaving an open playing field for the star character's actions and development. But it is the development of Dexter that is ultimately the downfall of this story. For the first time in the series, I found myself unable to root for Dexter. The success of this series has been built upon readers getting behind a killer, but his actions are so abhorrent that this is impossible. Dexter has gone from relatable and supportable killer to simply a bad guy. Add to this a cliffhanger ending that is clearly a ploy to get readers to invest in the next novel, and you've got a total dud. At this point, it is apparent that the author is simply going through the motions, milking the series for everything its worth. With this novel, the Dexter series has hit a new low and become an empty shell of its former self. 

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(2015, 12)

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