The Buried Book by D.M. Pulley

"Books are like people. Sometimes they lie."

Young Jasper's life is being turned upside down. His mother is gone. She left him at his Aunt and Uncle's farm. He loves her unconditionally, but it would be a lie to say that Jasper is not worried or confused. Why would she leave him there with no explanation? Where is she going? And why wasn't Jasper allowed to stay with his father?

Jasper soon begins to acclimate to life on the farm. He learns that everyone has to do their part to keep the estate running. Although he enjoys his time there, Jasper still longs to return home to his mother and father. But that doesn't seem likely to happen. A visit from his father confirms his worst fears, no one knows where his mother is. A remnant of his mother's past soon appears in the form of her old diary. As Jasper begins to read it, he finds out secrets that point to a dark pass and threaten to impact his future.

In The Buried Book, author D.M. Pulley weaves an edge-of-your-seat mystery with a coming of age story that thrills and incites a genuine emotional response. The novel intersperses Jasper's story with pieces of his mother's diary. With each revelation, Jasper learns more about his mother while simultaneously losing bits of his childhood innocence. The result is both riveting and heartbreaking. I raced through the pages of this book and couldn't stop thinking about if for several days after finishing. The Buried Book will leave you breathless as you burn through this fantastic story.

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(2016, 29)

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  1. I'm so anxious to know what happens to Jasper. He is in such a difficult situation, and I don't have a good feeling about where the story goes in the end ...

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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